18. - 20. Jahrhundert

26. November bis 30. Dezember 2017


KOIKAWA SHÔZAN (1821-1907)

Kagetsu Genji – Anspielungen zum Genji-Roman

Kopfkissenbilder im Brokatdruck

Format: yoko-ôban (2x hosoban)

Datierung: um 1860

„These prints are exceptionally beautiful and it would be hard to take offence at the rich, deluxe images of luxury and sensual pleasure.

These are jewel-like pieces. These prints were produced at great expense using the best quality materials - the colours are rich and the

surface shimmers with gold, metallic inks and rich, double printing. Each sheet is a fine impression and condition and colour are all very fine.“

(Lit.: Ofer Shagan: japanese art, The Hidden World of Shunga. 2013, S. 28, 410)